Is my baby allergic to cats?

Year-round (as opposed to seasonal) symptoms such as itchy, watery eyes, a rash, a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, or wheezing indoors are all signs of an allergy to dust mites, mold, or a pet. ... Unfortunately, your baby may still have a reaction to your pet when he's away from home.

Funny Cake Fails
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The problem with the internet is that it makes everything look so easy. Take baking for example. Have a quick scroll through Instagram and Pinterest and you'll find countless cakes baked so perfectly that they barely even seem real. But they are, and they were baked by humans, so if they can do it, why can't you? It can't be that difficult...right?

How To Make Breast Milk Come In Faster

Most women's breasts start to feel fuller and firmer about three to four days after delivery, and that signifies your colostrum changing over to milk. It can take longer or shorter for your body to transition, and your doctor will know best whether or not any supplementation is needed during this time.

Funny Sibling Rivalry

If you have a sibling, you will understand and love these pictures of siblings fighting. If not, consider yourself lucky that you were the “one” and didn’t need to fight for attention. In the end we do love our brothers and sisters, but we do need some space from time to time.

Kids Haircut Fails

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We all need to get our hair cut, but most of us don't attempt it ourselves; Parents have shared the hilarious photos their children's attempts.

Awesome Facts About Your Baby

1. Baby Kneecaps

They don’t show up in x-rays, but your baby does have kneecaps! They are cartilage and will remain so for the first few years of live.

Parenting Fails of All Time

Being a parent is no piece of cake. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and practice to get this parenting thing down to an exact science which means that there is some trial and error involved. You won't want to miss these hilarious, most epic parenting fails of all time!

Random Things Moms Worry About

Being a mom is more than a 24/7 job—I mean, if we could really snag another few hours in a day. And many of those hours are filled with a soundtrack running in our heads of worries, fears and honest WTH? questions. What are moms really thinking about? I can honestly say it's not just what's on sale at Target.

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