What Being A Mother Has Taught Me About Abortion


It’s one thing to be staunchly pro-life while never having been a parent or pregnant. It’s another thing entirely to go through the experience of being with child and becoming a parent yourself, and emerge from that strange and wonderful journey with the exact same level of conviction as before.

On the flip side of pregnancy, I found myself a different person entirely. My status as a pro-life warrior, something I had held onto proudly since the age of 16, was of a different flavor. Not only had my understanding of life’s sanctity deepened, the empathy I had for others who faced pregnancy with less support than I had been blessed with and surrounded by had grown.

My body no longer looked the same. Among other things, there were stretch marks where there had previously been clear skin, and I had a horizontal scar marking the spot where my stubborn son, not content to enter the world in the “normal” way, was pulled out during a C-section that brought my 17 hours of labor to an end.

I didn’t feel the same afterward. The first ten days post-surgery were marked by exhaustion, difficulty completing the most basic tasks, lack of appetite, and trouble walking even short distances. Then, of course, there was the omnipresent pain in my low abdomen. I was an aching, overwhelmed, emotional mess. But taking it all in, and staring lovingly at our beautiful son, only confirmed that I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

3,000 Babies Are Aborted Every Day

We live in a culture of death. Terrorists kill on a weekly basis, with no regard for innocent life. Euthanasia, increasing in mainstream popularity, is promoted as “death with dignity”, and to many, disagreeing with it means you must lack compassion. Equally egregious is the fact that approximately 3,000 unborn lives are destroyed through the legal homicide of abortion each day in the United States, and it’s labeled as “choice.” Three thousand unique individuals, whose human worth was established at conception, will cease to exist by the end of today. Tomorrow, 3,000 more will join them, most to be forgotten forever by those who biologically contributed to their creation.

Some of the most popular reasons cited for choosing abortion relate to how much a child might interrupt one’s life, or increase financial or relationship pressures. The Guttmacher Institute’s (the research arm of Planned Parenthood) fact sheet, dubbed “Induced Abortion in the United States” from May 2016, says as much.

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