Some doctors caution use of high-tech baby monitors

Juliet Piper has no problem falling asleep in her crib, no gadgets nor gizmos needed to keep her happy.

"I thought I was going to be an anxious wreck and I would for sure need something like this," said her mother, Carissa Williams.

She's talking about a baby monitor she got ahead of Juliet's birth. It came with a movement sensor to go under the mattress. Nine weeks after the birth, the high-tech monitor is still in the box.

"I think that would make me more co-dependent on it and I would think, oh, she's not breathing as much as she did yesterday. Or her heart rate is more than it was yesterday, and I think it would cause me more anxiety," Williams said.

"Usually if they need you they scream really loud," said Dr. Piedade Silva.

Silva recommends that parents not buy into the hype of wearable baby monitors that track your child's vital signs. She said they haven't been tested by the federal government and can't prove to truly protect your baby's health when they're asleep, including the prevention of SIDS, which is unpredictable.

"Just put away the technology and hold the baby and hug the baby. That will be much more helpful."

Silva and Williams agreed the power of human touch and a mother's intuition is more reliable than any kind of technology.

"When I had her, I didn't feel the need to use this baby monitor. I just didn't need it," Williams said.

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