Best Foundation for Combination Skin
12 best foundations for combination skin

Finding a foundation that strikes the right balance for tricky combination skin can be tough. Oily T-zones and dry patches on cheeks require a careful blend of ingredients. We tested various foundations that profess to provide the answer – in powder and liquid forms – both in an air-conditioned office and out and about. A good foundation looks natural, not cakey, and also provides an uplifting glow that lasts all day. You may want to vary your foundation depending on whether you’re going to work or on a night out, or having a good skin day or suffering from a breakout; this can be achieved by using a foundation that will give you the right coverage. Full coverage foundations hide all redness and blemishes, whereas medium to light coverage will only hide small imperfections or unevenness. ...

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Tried Everything? These 8 Foundations Will Save Your Oily Skin

If you have oily or combination skin, you likely have a makeup meltdown halfway through the day — and there’s nothing even a great makeup primer or setting powder can do to prevent it. If you’re sick of constantly retouching your makeup and blotting away oily, shiny skin, you’re in luck: reviewers say these seven best foundations for oily skin will last all day for a fresh and flawless face. So what are you waiting for? Try one of these oil-controlling foundations and get ready to say goodbye to your blotting sheets for good. ...

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The Best Drugstore Foundations for Combination Skin According to Reddit

Looking for the perfect product? Hit up Reddit just like user Rubkat did when they posed the random-beauty-tip gold mine that is the Makeup subreddit with a challenge. She needed suggestions for the no-nonsense, very best drugstore foundations for combination skin before heading to the store in four hours. "Help me out friends....My makeup routine is to slap foundation on and run out the door," Rubkat wrote. "I'm in need of a drugstore foundation that would work for combo skin. I like medium- to full-coverage. I don't really care about the finish. So please suggest products to me." ...

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The 11 Best Foundations for Combination Skin

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When you have combination skin, it can feel like your complexion is bipolar. Your T-zone may produce loads of oil, but your cheeks may feel as dry as the Sahara. So how are you supposed to choose a foundation that makes your whole face happy? Look for an oil-free formula that contains enriching ingredients to hydrate drier areas, suggests celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern. It should have the ability to build up fuller coverage as needed in drier areas but stay sheer in oilier places where skin needs more breathing room, she says. ...

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