Gifts for New Moms

Simple & Practical Gifts that New Moms ACTUALLY need.

I recently had a good friend bring her own little bundle of joy earth side, which got me thinking about some practical and affordable gifts I could get for her (and family). After doing the birth thang twice now, I have my own opinions on what a new mom REALLY needs post birth. It wasn’t until after I had my two little nuggets that I realized I had done my friends a huge disservice after they had their kids. Instead of toting a blush pink velvet dress and adorable hair accessories that I physically couldn’t stop myself from purchasing, I should’ve had a basket full of necessities, an easy meal, or something that was actually USEFUL for mom. Here’s a few easy ideas. ...

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10 Gift Ideas for a Brand New Mom

I LOVE giving presents, especially when people don’t expect them. I’ve noticed that when babies arrive, new moms are so focused on learning how to care for the little one they don’t always know how to take care of themselves. But in those early days and months, when sleep is fleeting and hormones are raging, a small gift can mean the world of difference. Before I had Anna I never knew what to bring someone who’d just had a baby. When my friend Bethie delivered I picked up pink cupcakes on my way to the hospital. I couldn’t stand to show up without something, but I didn’t know what she might possibly need or want after hours in labor. Now that I’ve had my own baby I know what gifts are really appreciated and useful. These gift ideas are perfect for when you don’t want to shop up to the hospital empty handed, or you’re just trying to show some love to your very best friend who just had a baby clear across the country. ...

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Handmade Gifts for a New Mom: Knitting and Crochet Patterns

a baby in the spring and preparing to welcome a little one into the world. And while so many people may focus their time and energy into crocheting and knitting for the new baby, perhaps we should focus our energy on gifts for the new mom to help her out on this new adventure called parenthood. ...

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23 Gifts for New Moms

When your best friend, sister, or coworker gives birth, you probably want to give her a gift to celebrate her new bundle of joy. But when you think of what to get a new mom, your mind jumps to baby-focused gifts. And quite truthfully, she has enough onesies, burp cloths, and bottles from the shower. So what to get her? Well, for starters, she’ll love anything that promotes her own rest, relaxation, and self care. So why not send over some fluffy herbal booties, cozy cotton pajamas, an excellent-smelling bath and body kit, or a spa gift card? Aside from some TLC, new parents will also appreciate anything that will make their lives easier. Think gifts like a box of gourmet food sent straight to her doorstep, gear that will make diaper changes easier, or even a new planner and a chic set of pens that will help her to stay organized. Now there are also many gifts that combine style and function for new moms. We’ve included our favorites such as a stunning geometric teething necklace and a chic, yet indestructible phone case that will withstand whatever baby throws at it. ...

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