Why Is My Baby Constipated

The 5 Most Useful Tips For Baby Constipation

Before we talk about ways to ease your baby’s constipation, what does constipation look like in the first place? For starters, your baby’s digestion is very different from your own. This is because it’s still in the baby stages of maturity. So, it’s 100% normal for your baby to push, grunt, cry, or strain with bowel movements . . . even when stool is soft. This doesn’t necessarily mean your baby is constipated. According to the Amsterdam Infant Stool Scale, you will know your baby is constipated by the quality of stool. Hallmarks of constipation include stool that is: Hard, Dry Pebble or pellet shaped Isn’t fully released (usually shows up as a smear in the diaper) If you find that your baby is constipated, there are a few tricks that I have seen work best. ...

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How To Get Kids To Poop. Tips to Beat Constipation in Kids

It’s never a good sign when your child starts having stomach pain. The first thoughts of any parent ranges from “What did he eat?” to “What do we do?”. But the problem may not be just a bellyache. Kid and baby constipation can be alarming, but there are ways to combat it. Constipation: Constipation in babies and constipation in older kids is common. It’s an issue that at some point as a parent you will probably have to face. ...

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The Constipation Post

Your baby is constipated. Constipation happens a lot right when you start with solid foods. Your baby’s body is confused. He has been on an all-liquid diet his whole life! Now you’re expecting him to handle something substantial. It takes time to work that out. It may also be possible that something in your baby’s diet (or even in your diet, if you’re breastfeeding) is stopping him up. This post is broken into two parts: FIRST, it’s the foods you should avoid to prevent constipation and the foods you should eat to help unclog. SECOND, it’s some creative ways to present those foods to your baby. FIRST, You want to AVOID dairy products (milk, cheese), red meat, crackers, pastries, cookies, unripe bananas (very ripe bananas can actually help with constipation), and fried foods. ...

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The Poop Button

Don't say I didn't warn you. One day, Freddie, who was a small child, was sitting on the toilet, trying to go. He was really uncomfortable. His mother, noticing his anguish, checked one of her many natural remedy books (Natural Healing For Children: An Essential Handbook for Parents), thinking maybe she should give him some Vitamin C to get things moving. The book, however, suggested using acupressure to ease his constipation. As soon as she pushed the spot described in the book (which will forever be known as the Poop Button in their household- yes it deserves the capitalization), he immediately shouted, “I’m pooping.” As, indeed, he was. Later, Freddie’s mother was recounting the harrowing tale to a friend and proceeded to demonstrate the acupressure spot on herself. Within 5 minutes, she, too, was running toward the bathroom. ...

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