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The first smile, the first step, the first word: Most parents remember exactly when their baby accomplished these big goals. But before baby reaches each one, you’re probably dying to know when to be on the lookout for the important milestones, camera at the ready. And while it’s helpful to understand how baby development generally unfolds, don’t feel like you have to obsessively monitor your child’s progress against the baby milestone chart. As long as you’re keeping up with baby’s well visits, the doctor will keep track for you. “Pediatricians will ask parents questions about their child’s development at each well visit and look for certain developmental red flags,” says Karen Fratantoni, MD, MPH, medical director of the Complex Care Program at Children's National Health System in Washington, DC.

It’s natural for parents to worry whether baby’s development is on track, but doctors say don’t be overly concerned even if your little one isn’t hitting the milestones exactly when the baby milestone chart says he should. “Children develop along a spectrum, and not all children do things at the same time or according to any baby milestone chart that parents may have,” says Carrie Brown, MD, a pediatrician at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, Arkansas. “The biggest reason for concern is if you feel your child isn’t moving forward and making progress toward new skills. Then you should talk to your doctor and see if they share your concerns.”

Simply put, this baby milestone chart gives you an overview of what your child’s behavior may be like at each age—and when you can expect to check the big milestones off the list. But of course, every child is different, and you can expect your baby to hit her picture-worthy milestones at her own pace.

In this baby milestone chart:
1 month old baby milestones
2 month old baby milestones
3 month old baby milestones
4 month old baby milestones
5 month old baby milestones
6 month old baby milestones
7 month old baby milestones
8 month old baby milestones
9 month old baby milestones
10 month old baby milestones
11 month old baby milestones
12 month old baby milestones

Monthly Baby Milestones Chart - The Bump
3 Month Old Baby Milestones. Baby's emotional skills will begin to develop: He may start to use different cries to tell you what he's feeling and turn his head away to let you know he's bored. Monthly baby milestones: ... Turns his head away to express boredom.

Developmental milestones: What to expect from birth to age 3 ...
Babies grow in unique ways: The baby who sits up weeks before her peers might be one of the last to learn how to crawl. Or the 18-month-old who's still communicating with grunts and gestures suddenly bursts forth with prepositional phrases at 2 years. That's why we created this series of developmental guides. ‎

Baby milestones: 1 to 6 months · ‎Milestones: 7 to 12 months · ‎13 to 24 months
Baby milestone chart: one to six months - BabyCentre Your baby's development: Check progress against our milestone chart. - BabyCentre UK.

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