Babies, eh?

They're cute, they smell nice, and when they crack one of those tiny toothless grins you'd probably even forgive them weeing all over your brand new dress.

But parenthood isn't all child's play, and now its 50 most grueling gripes have been listed by the people who know these challenges best: mothers.
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1. Sleepless nights/sleep deprivation
Moms and Sleep Deprivation - WebMD
"Mothers really underestimate the importance of getting enough sleep," says Jodi A. Mindell, PhD, a professor of psychology at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and author of Sleep Deprived No More: From Pregnancy to Early Motherhood -- Helping You & Your Baby Sleep Through the Night. "Sleep ...

2. Tantrums
14 Ways to Tame Your Kid's Tantrums - Parents Magazine
Simple Strategies That Turn Off the Tantrums and Create Cooperation. "Young kids—namely those between the ages of 1 and 4—haven't developed good coping skills yet. They tend to just lose it instead." And what, exactly, sets them off to begin with? Every single tantrum, Levy says, results from one simple thing: not ...

3. Having patience
Stop Yelling! 15 Ways to Practice Patience with Your Kids | Babble
For just a moment the “mean mom” comes out, yells in frustration, and then huffs away, leaving a stunned child in her wake, and a load of guilt and regret on her own shoulders. I'm sure I'm not the only parent who has resolved and recommitted to being more patient with my kids this year. Yelling at them is something I have ...

4. Keeping on top of the household chores
Tips for staying on top of the household cleaning | Planning With Kids
Not all of these tasks are done perfectly, but there is improvement from the younger ones so it is something that I stick with. They will only learn how to clean by doing it. As the kids do clean in our house, it is one of the biggest reasons we make sure we have cleaning products that have no nasties in them.

5. Getting children to eat the right foods
10 Ways to Get Kids to Eat Healthy Food: Nutritional Tips - WebMD fit
Avoid placing restrictions on food. Restricting food increases the risk your child may develop eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia later in life. Keep healthy food at hand. Children will eat what's available. Don't label foods as "good" or "bad." Praise healthy choices. Don't nag about unhealthy choices.

6. Potty training
Potty training: How to get the job done - Mayo Clinic
Schedule potty breaks. Have your child sit on the potty chair or toilet without a diaper for a few minutes at two-hour intervals, as well as first thing in the morning and right after naps. For boys, it's often best to master urination sitting down, and then move to standing up after bowel training is complete.

7. Sibling rivalry
20 Tips to Stop Sibling Rivalry | Ask Dr. Sears
As parents – and referees – of eight children, we have survived personality clashes, ability battles, attention tactics, and multiple mini-battles, only to conclude that sibling rivalry, like nightwaking, is one of the inevitable annoyances of having children. We also learned that the degree of sibling rivalry, and whether or not it has ...

8. Juggling childcare
Mothers juggle child care while looking for work.
In New York, an unemployed mother left her two children in the car, air conditioning on, while she went in LaGuardia Airport for a job interview. The children were fine but told the cop who discovered them they didn't know where their mom was. Local authorities stepped in, and the mug shot of the mother ...

9. Give your child what they want without spoiling them
5 Ways to Give Your Kids Everything Without Spoiling Them Rotten ...
Confession: before the Christmas madness set in, I wrote a post in which I argued that $224 is not nearly enough money to spend on a child during the holidays. My non-scientific hypothesis came from the realization that many of the toys I really wanted my daughter to have -- Magna Tiles, anyone?

10. Getting children to clean their teeth properly
How to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth - American Dental ...
If you think you're busy, try being a kid. In addition to school, activities and family time, they're learning how to take care of themselves and others in new ways every single day. One of those necessary life skills every child needs to learn is brushing his or her teeth. Helping your child get in the habit of brushing twice a day ...

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