10 Things New Mums Should Stop Worrying About

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Worrying comes with the territory of parenthood. When you become a mum the fears and anxiety are triggered by many different things. It could be other people, remarks they make, your own worries and things you read in books.

I am the world’s biggest worrier so becoming a mum just sent me into overdrive. But having had two babies, I would like to share with you the stuff I shouldn’t have worried about and neither should you:

1. Your weight

You just had a baby, you’re recovering from a major physical trauma and you’re trying to get your head round what you’re supposed to be doing with this crying little thing.

The last thing that should be on your to do list is snapping back into shape and pulling your pre-pregnancy jeans on. Seriously, the weight is not an issue. Your belly will shrink and the weight will go as you spend your days chasing round after your baby.

Your body may never go back to the way it was before. But who cares? This is the body that nurtured a baby, grew the baby and then delivered that baby safely into the world. Your body is amazing. Look after it, embrace it and remind yourself you are beautiful.

Anyone who makes any remarks about your tummy, baby weight and anything else related to what you look like is an idiot, wrong and needs to be ignored.

When it comes to the celebrity post-baby body headlines please ignore them. Remember these stories have zero context, celebs may be starving themselves to the point of being ill to get ready for a role and I’m afraid some people are just genetically inclined to shed weight overnight.

2. Getting it right

When it comes to babies there is no right. Unless you leave the baby naked outside overnight you’re doing the right thing.

Keep them fed and warm and give them lots of cuddles. Don’t let baby books tell you what you should be doing. You’re doing an amazing job. At the end of every day focus on two things that went well. These can be simple like baby fed without spitting up, baby smiled or you got out of the house.

3. Breastfeeding vs bottle feeding

I Googled breastfeeding statistics endlessly with my first baby as I felt so guilty that breastfeeding didn’t work out for us. I wanted to know how many women it really didn’t work out for and what happens to babies who don’t have breast milk in the first year.

When you panic and turn to Google, the only answers you get are likely to just upset you more.

Breastfeeding is great. If you can’t do it or don’t want to, that’s great too. Fed is best.

4. The state of the house

The dust does not matter, the pile of washing does not matter and the state of the living room does not matter.

When you look back on the early weeks with your baby, you won’t remember how lovely and clean you managed to keep the kitchen. You’ll remember the precious time you spent focusing on your child. ...

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