How to Tell When Baby Spit Up is a Medical Concern?
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Question: Is Baby Spit Up a Medical Concern or Laundry Problem?

At my baby’s last check-up, my doctor said that I don’t need to worry about frequent baby spit up. It seems to me that my baby spitting up as much as she is is worrisome. I can’t believe that it isn’t something that I should be concerned over. Does my pediatrician really know what he is talking about?


First, let’s clarify a few things.

Many babies do spit up what seems to be a great deal of milk or formula, but what looks like several ounces really may not have been that much at all. Spit up is not just the breast milk or formula that your baby has drunk, but a mixture of milk or formula with stomach fluids and mucous. Your baby may appear to be spitting up a great deal when in actuality it really isn’t that much.

Second, you need to consider if your baby is showing any other signs of digestive troubles. Is your baby failing to gain weight? Is she fussier that the average baby? Does she often seem uncomfortable or in pain? Does she have a persistent cough that isn't the result of a cold? Does she arch her back during a feeding? If you answered no to many of these questions, perhaps that is why the doctor indicated there was no cause for alarm. Sometimes spitting up is more of a laundry problem than a medical one.


Best Resources:

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Avoid tight diapers or elastic waistbands that put pressure on baby's abdomen. Contact your physician right away if your child's condition is severe, worsens or you notice the following symptoms: Blood or a yellow or green fluid when vomiting; Poor weight gain or growth; Difficulty eating; Inconsolable or severe irritability ...

Is Baby Spit Up a Medical Concern or Laundry Problem?
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Should Your Child See a Doctor? ... Spitting up reflux of 1 or 2 mouthfuls of breastmilk or formula; No effort or crying; Mainly occurs in young babies ... Poor weight gain; Frequent crying; Spitting up is getting worse; Age over 12 months; Spitting up does not get better with this advice; You have other questions or concerns ...

Spitting up in babies: What's normal, what's not - Mayo Clinic
Spitting up in babies is common — and usually nothing to worry about. ... signal a more serious problem. By Mayo Clinic Staff. You've just fed your baby breast milk or formula only to watch him or her spit up what seems like all of it. Is this normal? Find out the possible causes of spitting up, and what you can do about it.

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