Questions All Parents Ask Themselves

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The everyday head-scratchers that crop up once you become a parent can be every bit as perplexing as the biggies. Ever asked yourself any of these questions?

1. Just what exactly is the allure of Thomas the Tank?

2. Why isn’t mac ‘n cheese a food group?

3. How come kids mistake moms for human tissues?

4. Is my kid someday gonna realize I’m not completely sure of what I’m doing?

5. Is it so bad to let your child skip bath time (again) because you’re exhausted?

6. Is Sophie the Giraffe secretly flavored with crack?

7. Why hasn’t anybody yet invented a self-cleaning playroom?

8. Is it OK to still desperately want the birthday cake slice with a flower?

9. Where do kids get their fashion sense from?

10. Why can’t the kids to leave you alone while you’re in the shower?


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