What to do about a child’s constant whining?

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If we wanted to make a list of things that irritate parents, we’d find children whining near the top! It’s a behavior that every child tries sooner or later. Some children fall into whining and can’t seem to climb back out. By the time a parent decides to search for advice about handling whining, he is usually fed up.

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7 Surefire Tips for How to Stop Whining From Your Kids
Then give your child your attention as soon as you can politely do so.” Empathize before you lecture. From parents.com*:. How to Stop Whining From Your Kids: 7 Surefire Tricks Photo by Carly Watson. Don't say: “You can't always get what you want.” Yes, it's tempting to start humming that Rolling Stones ...

What to do about a child's constant whining? Maybe nothing. - The ...
Q: My 8-year-old whines and makes negative remarks about everything — whether we're eating dinner, doing puzzles (which she loves) or going on a bike ride (which she also loves). What do you think is happening? A: What do I think is happening with your whiny 8-year-old? I have no idea, but let's start ...

Break your kid's whining habit - CNN.com
Why they do it: Early talkers whine like babies cry. Some experts say that whining tends to peak in a child's development when she's feeling out of control and overwhelmed -- emotions that pretty much sum up toddlerhood. She lacks the vocabulary to articulate her frustrations, and that whimpering is the ...

Whining: Why it happens and what to do about it (ages 6 to 8 ...
Why grade-schoolers whine. Your grade-schooler relies on adults for almost everything — food, drink, love, money, toys, transportation, you name it. He has to get an adult's attention to obtain the things he needs, and that can be a challenge. A whine is the sound of a child who feels powerless and is pitching his request in ...

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