Just For Kids: Fun Facts About Rabbits

A female rabbit is called a doe.

A male rabbit is called a buck.

A young rabbit is called a kit (or kitten).

Rabbits live in groups.

The European rabbit lives underground, in burrows. A group of burrows is known as a warren.

More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America.


Rabbits have long ears which can be as long as 10 cm (4 in).

Rabbits have a lifespan of around 10 years.

Rabbits are herbivores (plant eaters).

Pet rabbits that live inside are often referred to as ‘house rabbits’.

Rabbits reproduce very quickly. This can be a major headache for people living in agricultural areas where rabbits are seen as pests.

Rabbits are born with their eyes closed and without fur.

Source: www.sciencekids.co.nz

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