Today we are shipping baby related items to the The Paul Stefan Foundation. See their contact information below.

Items we sent.

Contact Information for The Paul Stefan Foundation

P.O. Box 754 Locust Grove, VA 22508

(540) 854-2300 1-866-908-MOMS


Their About Page:

Pro-Life Support for Women in Crisis Pregnancies

We help build a brighter future for mothers & their babies Today's society creates challenges that require real world solutions to help mothers overcome personal setbacks & protect their own health & welfare & that of their babies. The Paul Stefan Foundation emerged from a desire to inspire & support women in our own communities to preserve life & foster a supportive environment that gives new mothers hope. Established in 2006, we’re an organization driven by a desire to uphold the christian values that build a strong foundation to protect those who need us most. Contact us to learn more and get involved.

Our mission is clear.
1) By Offering Rosa Wraps. 2) We can Donate to The Paul Stefan Foundation. 3) And Help Save Babies. 
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