When Parents Need a Break from Their Mini-Me's

When parents need a break from their kin,
It's not that they don't love 'em, don't grin.
But kids can be quite the handful, no doubt,
And the parents start feeling what life's all about.

They need some peace and quiet, and calm,
To regroup, recharge and heal the harm.
A vacation from children, just what they need,
To get back to the life they once did lead.

So they pack their bags, and off they go,
Leaving the kids with grandma, don't you know.
And as they walk away, they can't help but say,
"Finally, we're free, what a wonderful day!"

So if you're a parent, take a hint,
Take a break, let the kids have a stint.
You'll return refreshed, with a brand new look,
And ready to tackle your kids with a new book!



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