A Moment of Gratitude: A Story of Compassion for the Homeless

A Moment of Gratitude: A Story of Compassion for the Homeless

I almost didn't post this picture, but on a day like today, when we are grateful for what we have and spend time with loved ones over delicious food, I changed my mind. My boyfriend took this picture without me knowing. A few days ago, we were eating at Raising Cane's late at night and I saw a homeless woman walk in, asking for leftovers from people who were throwing them away. No one said yes and it broke my heart. I have been volunteering with the homeless for years and hold them with love. I offered her my food, but I felt guilty for only giving her leftovers. So, I bought her a meal and asked the employee not to kick her out. The look on her face was priceless. She gave me a hug filled with gratitude and those tears she shed touched my heart. Next time we judge a homeless person, let's remember they are not all homeless because of drugs or laziness.



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