A Story of Kindness: A Son Escorts a Special Needs Girl to Prom

A couple of weeks ago, I was feeling emotional when my son, Carson, walked in and asked what was wrong. I showed him a Facebook post about a mother seeking a prom date for her 16-year-old daughter with special needs. Without hesitation, Carson said, "Mom, I'll do it." And he did! The day before prom, Carson helped decorate the girl's room and then escorted her to the dance where she was crowned Duchess. Afterward, he sat with her and watched cartoons for over an hour. This tender moment was made even more special as the girl, who is non-verbal, wheelchair-bound, and on a feeding tube, lit up whenever her eyes met Carson's. This experience reminded me that we are all more alike than different and that choosing kindness is always the right choice. I am proud to call Carson my son and he inspires me to be better.



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