How Can You Teach Your Kids to Get Along and Reduce Sibling Rivalry?

The article starts by acknowledging that sibling rivalry is a common challenge for parents. It's natural for siblings to compete for attention and resources, but when it becomes aggressive or constant, it can be exhausting and frustrating for everyone involved.

The author suggests that the key to reducing sibling rivalry is to focus on building positive relationships between siblings. This involves teaching kids how to communicate effectively, solve problems, and show empathy towards each other. The article offers several tips for accomplishing this, including:

Set clear boundaries and expectations: Establish rules for behavior and consequences for breaking them. Make sure your kids understand what's expected of them and why.

Teach conflict resolution skills: Help your kids learn how to listen to each other, express their feelings, and find compromises that work for both parties.

Encourage positive interactions: Look for opportunities to praise your kids when they get along well or do something kind for each other. Reinforce positive behavior with positive feedback.
Spend quality time together: Make sure each child gets some one-on-one time with you and with each other. This can help strengthen their bond and reduce competition for attention.

The article also addresses some common mistakes parents make when dealing with sibling rivalry, such as playing favorites, intervening too quickly, or ignoring the problem. Instead, the author encourages parents to stay calm, be consistent, and model the behavior they want to see in their kids.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of building strong, positive relationships between siblings in order to reduce rivalry and create a peaceful home environment.

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Citation: McCready, A. (2021). Sibling Rivalry: How to Teach Your Kids to Get Along. Positive Parenting Solutions. Retrieved from


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