How Does Parental Anxiety Impact Your Parenting? The Connection to Extreme Parenting Practices

How Does Parental Anxiety Impact Your Parenting?

Psychology Today has published an article discussing the connection between parental anxiety and extreme parenting practices. The article explains that parental anxiety can manifest in different ways, including overprotection, overcontrol, and micromanagement of the child's life.

The article provides several examples of extreme parenting practices that may be driven by parental anxiety, including:

Hovering: Parents who hover may be excessively involved in their child's life, and may be unwilling to give the child space or independence.

Scheduling: Parents who schedule their child's time down to the minute may be anxious about their child's safety or success, and may feel that they need to control every aspect of the child's life.

Pressure to succeed: Parents who place a great deal of pressure on their child to succeed may be anxious about the child's future or may feel that the child's success reflects on them as a parent.

The article notes that while some parental anxiety is normal and even healthy, excessive anxiety can lead to negative outcomes for both the parent and the child. It suggests that parents who are struggling with anxiety seek support from a mental health professional, and consider mindfulness practices or other strategies for reducing stress and anxiety.


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