Kindness on the Subway: A Math Lesson for a Dad

On the subway today, a man dressed in red boarded and promptly opened his folder to read. A few stops later, another man stepped in and noticed the first man looking confused. "What are you studying for?" he asked. "Maybe I can help?" The man in red explained that his son had failed a math test, and he was trying to relearn fractions so he could teach him. Being 42 years old, he couldn't remember any of it. The man in black revealed that he used to be a math teacher and offered to help by quizzing him. He explained all the answers the man in red got wrong, breaking them down and correcting them. By the end of the train ride, the man in red had a better understanding and a new approach to teach his son. Witnessing acts of kindness like this is what I appreciate, as most people wouldn't care about the struggles of those around them.


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