Milk Drunk Baby Blues

There once was a baby, so small and so cute
Whose milk-drinking antics were quite the repute
With every sip, his eyes lit up bright
As if he was sipping on a pint of pure delight

But little did we know, this milk was no ordinary swill
For with every gulp, the baby got more of a thrill
He giggled and cooed, with a smile on his face
As if he'd just taken a sip of champagne in a race

We watched in surprise, as this tot got quite high
On just a sip of his mama's milk, oh my!
His cheeks turned rosy, and he swayed from side to side
As if he was dancing, to the beat of the tide

So here's to the baby, who knows how to have fun
With a milk-drunk grin, he's second to none
For even in sobriety, life's just a bore
But with a little breast milk, it's a joyous roar!



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