Raising Good Humans: A Practical Guide to Parenting with Confidence and Emotional Intelligence

Raising Good Humans is a parenting guide by Lisa Damour that offers practical advice on how to raise emotionally healthy and confident children. The book draws on the latest research in psychology and neuroscience to provide a clear and accessible roadmap for parents who want to create a supportive and loving environment for their children. Damour encourages parents to develop a flexible and responsive approach that takes into account their child's unique temperament, needs, and developmental stage. She emphasizes the importance of setting clear boundaries, fostering resilience, and cultivating empathy and compassion in children. The book covers a range of topics, including discipline, technology use, friendships, and body image. With its engaging and relatable writing style, Raising Good Humans is an excellent resource for parents who want to raise emotionally intelligent and resilient children in today's complex world.


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