Toddler Time: A Guide to Keeping 'Em Busy

Oh, keeping a toddler busy is quite a feat,
It's like trying to catch a greased pig in the street.
But don't you worry, I've got some tips,
To keep that little one occupied with a little quips.

Get them a box, and watch them create,
A castle, a fort, their imagination's the gate.
Give them some play dough, to mold and make,
They'll make a cookie, a snake, whatever they bake.

Take them outside, let them run and play,
Chasing the butterflies, what a joy it'll convey.
Or let them help with the gardening,
Planting flowers, what a charming thing.

And when all else fails, just tickle their belly,
It's sure to bring a giggle, oh what a lovely rally!
So there you have it, ways to keep them busy,
A toddler's life, filled with laughter, not feeling dizzy!



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