Rosa For Life is Pro-Family, Pro-Motherhood, Pro-Child and Yes, Pro-Life.

Hello, My name is Helen and beside me are my two beautiful girls Jaci and Sarah and pictured below are my four (4) grand children. I feel so blessed my two girls were able to grow up in a God loving stable family but unfortunately not all babies get the same opportunity.

So I thought to myself, how could I give back for all of the graces God has given me and my family, and that's when it came to me, "create the Rosa For Life organization and donate to a charity". The charity I
decided to support is The Paul Stefan Foundation.

The foundation supports mothers in need and by doing so babies are born and cared for. Please visit their website and open up your heart to support this awesome foundation that saves babies one mom at a time.

Oh, and why is our organization called Rosa For Life? See below...

Rosa is Latin for Rose and the Rose is the symbol for Mother Mary, Queen of heaven and earth.

Rosa For Life reflects our belief that the life of an unborn baby is sacred and that we must "Let There Be Life."

So, I am proud to support the Paul Stefan Foundation. Saving Babies, One Mom at a Time.

Remember, Compassion is Contagious.

com·pas·sion: Sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others.

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